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My name is Ben Ben-Tzion and I'm a web developer for about 4 years. My major was in Sociology and Anthropology, and I guess that was the entry point for being deeply interested in social change. After working for the business sector for 4 years, I decided to connect my interest in the social-cultural sphere with my profesional skills. Some of the fields I find interesting and which I could assist most are Open Data, Circular Economy, Citizen Science, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Education, Cultural Preservation and Smart Cities.

Some examples for projects I developed are: SensAir, a web application for monitoring air quality. A Raw Materials Circular Economy Portal. And Kindergarden Data Aggregated with Crowd Wisdom based on Israeli Ministry of Education open data.

Usually social projects lack the resources to use the web technology for their needs. Web technology could mean developing a website, a web application, managing a database and automating computing tasks. That's exaclty what I aim to achieve with We-Appli - enabling web technology to projects in social, cultural and ecological context.

I've been following for some years after developments in the field of open data, circular economy and citizen science, and I'll try to concentrate some of the most Interesting Projects, entrepreneurs, events, Challenges and Funding Opportunities for projects in those fields.

If you have an ongoing project in those fields of activity and you need some assitance in the field of web development, you are mostly welcome to Contact me. I'll be happy to consult and assist you.

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